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Overview: Yoga is now ubiquitous. You can find classes across the globe in workplaces and schools, health centers and studios, prisons, and spas. It is estimated that, in the UK alone, yoga generates over £800 million in revenue a year. Yet, just over 120 years ago, yoga had hardly left the shores of India, where it originated as a particular philosophy within Hinduism.

The great Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore lamented, “When will I find myself completely in myself?” In our consumerist societies, this has become the cry of many. The next ‘thing’ or ‘experience’ that we buy does not satisfy for long. It is here that yoga reveals a treasure: a map for journeying to a self that transcends body and mind. It is a difficult journey, as it requires encountering ourselves, and there is no way around this but through it. This book presents the Pancha tattva, or five great elements – part of yoga’s map which provides an understanding and acceptance of ourselves as we are now, while simultaneously showing us how we can navigate the journey deeper within, where true healing awaits.


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