History Of War – Hitler At War, 5th Edition 2022
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Overview: War has often been the chosen course for seeking resolution throughout history, as nations have fought to defend their identity. As such, much of Britain’s history is determined by defeating other nations in battle. The History of War Book of Britain’s Greatest Victories explores 20 of Britain’s most iconic triumphs. Through in-depth articles, detailed battle maps, illustrations and photographs, we examine the strategies and tactics behind some of the biggest conflicts, analysing important decisions made by key players and discovering just how Britain came out on top. From epic European battles, such as Trafalgar and Waterloo, to global conflicts like Aliwal and Rorke’s Drift; and from the gruesome battles of World War I and World War II to more recent conflicts in the Falklands and Afghanistan, we take a look at the British victories that have gone down in military history and helped shape a nation.


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