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Overview: FEEL FREE magazine curates a space where readers can feel the freedom of expression and a freedom from perfection. Joyful, elevated and funky, fun and undone, FEEL FREE magazine breaks down interior design and artistic processes, and gives them back to the people. In the premiere issue, we feature Leanne’s favorite artists and inspirations, including the iconic house Fallingwater, a “hand-drawn home” that Leanne designed, artist Heather Chontos’ gorgeous home in France, and a nun that screenprints. FEEL FREE will show how creative people live and work, how artists play, and how the reader can do the same. FEEL FREE aims to encourage the reader to confidently bring what they love into their own homes with a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style of call to action. The first issue includes before and after shots showing the power of paint, how-tos like collage, clay and screen printing—straight from the artists’ mouths, fresh ideas (see drawing on furniture), “recipes” for fail-proof decorating (charcoal on painter’s canvas), decorating tips, quizzes, a playlist, and even some free art that readers can tear out to hang on their walls. FEEL FREE magazine will give the reader the rules and the confidence to break them all!


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The number of people reading magazines that are published online has significantly increased during the last several years. These free magazines are able to deliver content that is specific to the need of their readers since traditional media cannot impose any limits on them. As a direct result of this, more and more people are reading publications online for free. The general populace often considers amazing sources of entertainment to be free digital periodicals, which are available online. On the other side, digital publications have been criticized for being accused of having an excessively restricted emphasis.

As a direct consequence of reading PDF Magazine, an increasing number of individuals are developing their literacy skills, becoming more culturally aware, and becoming more self-motivated. Reading and writing are two of the abilities that are valued most highly by employers in today’s competitive job market. The wide range of subjects that are discussed in these journals makes them particularly useful sources for acquiring a deeper understanding of the cultures of different countries. In addition to this, people who read it may be inspired to take action in their own industries as a result of reading it. People who read free magazines may have a more profound grasp of the challenges they face today and be more motivated to take action on their own behalf.

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You will need to purchase a PDF reader software package in order to read electronic magazines and other types of digital publications. It’s a digital reading platform that streamlines the browsing and management of digital publications, so you can get more done in less time.


The most effective method for using a pdf reader is to start by installing the application on your computer. After the installation is finished, all that is left to do is run the PDF reader, and you will be ready to go. You may also use a pdf reader offline if you have a busy schedule and do not want to connect to the internet each time you want to see a pdf. This is an option for those who have hectic schedules.


Utilizing a pdf reader comes with a number of benefits, the most notable of which are its mobility and compatibility with a diverse assortment of electronic gadgets. Utilizing a pdf reader is all things considered, an excellent technique for managing your magazine subscriptions as well as reading them.

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