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Overview: “Discover the stranger-than-fiction story of one man’s rise from obscurity to emperor. This book explores how Napoleon Bonaparte became a legendary conqueror, charting his momentous military victories, devastating defeats, and enduring legacy. Inside: The House of Bonaparte The star of Napoleon ascendant Empress Joséphine Napoleon’s letters to Joséphine Early military career Napoleon in Egypt From the first consul to emperor The Tuileries Palace Family, friends and allies Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar The Napoleonic Code Austerlitz Napoleon and religion Marie Louise The Peninsular War March to Moscow The Battle of Borodino The operetta emperor Napoleon’s last stand Exile The end of an emperor”



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Many individuals, even if they are unaware of it, already have a PDF viewer installed on their computer. PDF readers are built into major web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Users can access a PDF file on their PC with their web browser by simply dragging the file into their browser. While the functions associated with PDFs differ from browser to browser, most allow you to conduct the essentials, such as downloading and printing the file.

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