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Overview: Howdy there, stranger. I’m guessin’ you ain’t from around these parts. I’d keep a hand on that there revolver of yours if I were you. This ain’t a friendly part of town. See Buckeye Bob there, behind the bar? He’s had four shootings in here in the last week alone. Some fool callin’ himself the Kid runnin’ his mouth then runnin’ his gun. I don’t know what brings you this way, but whether it’s fortune or fame, tread carefully. The first thing to remember is you got the Natives to contend with. This was their land first, and they don’t take kindly to outsiders strollin’ into their reserves. Best you learn a bit about their ways before you go too much further. If you can keep from raising sand with them you might just catch the likes of Wild Bill or Jesse James passing through. I wouldn’t look either in the eye. The same goes for Crazy Horse. And as for the women – well, they’re half as crazy but twice as lethal. And don’t go near that Bender place, ya hear? If you’re plannin’ on stickin’ around then you might get to see old Buffalo Bill’s show, and there’s talk of a gold rush coming. Well, I won’t keep you. I and Sundance got some business to attend to. Hey, Buckeye! Another snort for my friend here when you’re ready! Take care out there, stranger.


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Many individuals, even if they are unaware of it, already have a PDF viewer installed on their computer. PDF readers are built into major web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Users can access a PDF file on their PC with their web browser by simply dragging the file into their browser. While the functions associated with PDFs differ from browser to browser, most allow you to conduct the essentials, such as downloading and printing the file.

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