All About History – American Outlaws,4th Edition 2022
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Overview: Have you ever wondered how Bonnie met Clyde? How the Mob came to rule the east coast? Or how some of the most notorious criminals escaped Alcatraz? The All About History Book of American Outlaws has the answers. Explore the tumultuous Wild West, the seedy underbelly of New York and the con men who made their living across the United States as we take you on a tour of America’s most wanted outlaws. We reveal the true stories behind gunslingers like Jesse James, the gangs who made their money in astonishing bank heists, the Prohibition Era’s greatest gangsters – and the men who tried to take them down. Discover what really happened at the OK Corral and meet the man who created the first pyramid scheme. Find out who bought Machine Gun Kelly the weapon that gave him his name, and discover the farmer who created a safe house for fugitives on the run.


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